Ask around. You will be hard-pressed to find a native Napan without some nostalgic memories of the iconic Uptown Theater.

So where did it all begin? In a grand fashion befitting a Golden Era Hollywood premiere, the Uptown Theatre had it’s opening in August 1937 complete with searchlights, banners and movie stars. The first film to be shown was “Ever Since Eve” starring Robert Montgomery and Marion Davies. Stars such as Clark Gable and Carol Lombard used to frequent the theater as a part of their Northern California excursions.

The first manager, the late Thomas C. Malloy, was a native Napan who oversaw the construction of the magnificent, modern art deco theatre. Lawrence Borg was the original owner, until he sold it to the Blumenfeld theater chain in 1945. The Blumenfeld Company made numerous changes over time. Perhaps the most dramatic change came in 1973, when the theater was divided into two. In 1986, thirteen years later, it was again divided into four.

The arrival of the ‘90’s brought a multitude of management changes, as the Uptown changed hands several times throughout the decade. In 1998, the theater again re-opened featuring independent/art house films.

Unfortunately, the theater was not able to sustain itself in that capacity and in 2000, George Altamura and partners took ownership of the Uptown and began a massive renovation project to turn the old movie theater into a live music venue and to recapture the glory and grandeur of an earlier era.

With construction finished, the next great place for music and live entertainment is now a reality.  Featuring national acts as well as great up-and-comers, the Uptown is a premiere entertainment destination for locals and tourists alike.